Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as being an intern at ASI?

No, this is a program where we help our members who hire interns for THEIR businesses.

If you want to be an intern at ASI, visit the ASI Careers page.

Does ASI provide the interns?

No, we do not. You need to hire your interns and then they can enroll in our program for free.

Does ASI pay the interns?

No, we do not. It is up to the employer to pay the interns.

How much should I pay my interns?

While there are many factors to consider (size of the company, standard of living in your city, etc.), we usually suggest between $14-20 an hour.

When does the program start?

Detailed dates will be provided closer to the start day, but the program typically begins in June and ends in August.

What do they learn in their classes?

We understand many interns throughout the program have different majors, so we cover a wide variety of topics with our classes. Interns will learn about professional communication, social media, leadership, creativity in the workplace and much more!

What if my intern misses a class?

Please have your intern communicate in advance if they will be unable to attend a class. All classes will be recorded for them to go back and watch when they have time.

What if my intern is hired for longer than the length of program?

The ASI online classes will end in August, but they are welcome to rewatch any lessons that stood out to them on their intern portal. They will also have their ESP license until October 1.

Can my intern attend ASI Show Chicago?
Of course! When they enroll in our program, they automatically receive an invitation to attend the show.* *Please note that ASI will not cover any costs for the interns to attend the show.


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