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New Concepts. Fresh Outlook. Future Employees.

Interns provide new ideas and a fresh perspective, helping your promo company grow and adapt. They often become candidates ready-made to fill future openings in your company, saving you the time and effort it would take to train someone new. By attracting a new generation to promotional products, you’re also helping the industry grow.

That’s why ASI® developed the Summer Internship Program for members like you who have promo businesses. The process is simple: you hire a summer intern and ASI helps them get started with:

  • Free ESP® access for the summer
  • Webinars that provide an industry overview
  • Invitation for your intern to attend ASI Show® Chicago
  • Certificate of completion
  • A chance for one intern to win a $1,000 scholarship!


“Our interns provided fresh ideas and helped us with our social media accounts. They also helped a great deal in building and updating our client online stores. Overall, they provided much-needed assistance in the workload.”

“This is our 2nd year participating in the program. We expanded our digital footprint this year with an expanded email and LinkedIn presence. Things that we hadn’t spent time developing.”
“My intern learned a lot from our industry and our product. ASI’s intern program is one of the best programs.”


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Here are some materials to help assist you in finding an intern.

Hiring Checklist

Where To Look

Intern Hiring Guide

Interview Tips

Supervisor Guide

Decision Time

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